Marilyn Manson Profile

Marilyn Manson in action

Marilyn Manson in action

Marilyn Manson is merely a stage name which came from two famous American icons which were Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. His real name is Brian Hugh Warner. Even though Manson is known for being a songwriter but he has talents in other areas. Not only is Manson a musician but he is also an actor, painter, multimedia artist and a former music journalist. One example of his many talents is a book called ‘’The Long Hard Road out of Hell’’. This book is an autobiography of Manson’s life as Brian Hugh Warner and his transition into the person we all know him as, Marilyn Manson. Within this book, it explains Manson’s horrible yet unusual childhood. Manson’s grandfather, Jack Warner constantly molested Manson a number of times. Manson would create sex magazines to sell to his classmates. He even looked through his Grandfather’s collection of sex toys.

Despite all of this happening, Manson was raised as an Episcopalian and attended Heritage Christian School of Canton, Ohio from first grade to tenth grade. It was during this time where Manson developed a strong dislike for Christianity and convinced his parents to transfer to a public school.

Despite being a popular music icon, Manson has appeared in other forms of media as well such as film, television and even video games. Manson only has a small appearance in TV shows and movies. He made his debut in ‘’David Lynch’s Lost Highway’’ and since then has made appearances in the 2003 film ‘’Party Monster’’, the 1999 film ‘’Jawbreaker’’ and ‘’The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things’’. Manson voiced Edgar (A grey alien) in the video game ‘’Area 51’’. On top of that, quite a few of his songs have been used within video games such as ‘’Cold Fear’’ and ‘’Spawn: Armageddon’’ while other songs have been featured in commercials for video games like ‘’The Darkness’’, ‘’Fear 3’’, ‘’Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit’’ and ‘’Twisted Metal’’.

Even though Manson is a prominent artist in the music industry, he has been nominated four times for Grammy Awards and five times for the MTV Video Music Awards and only won one award, which was from the MTV Video Music Awards. As of 2014, Manson has released 24 albums, including all remix, studio, live, video albums and independent releases. Along with that, he also has 21 music videos.

In terms of relationships, Manson has been in quite a few. In February 1998 Manson was engaged with Rose McGowan. However, this relationship did not last long as it ended in January 2001. Manson’s next relationship was with Dita Von Teese who was meant to dance in one of Manson’s music videos however she was unable to. Despite this, the two were able to stay in contact with each other. It was not long till they became a couple since on Manson’s 32nd birthday. On November 28th 2005 Manson and Von Teese were married in private however, Von Teese filed for divorce on December 30th 2006. In 2007, Manson was in yet another relationship. This time it was with Evan Rachel Wood. In 2010, Manson proposed yet again, but the relationship ended later that year.

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