Save Point: Media Project meeting 12/08/2014

The media project commenced with Diosdado Lacap and Casey Lane collaborating for the creation of a gaming website/magazine. The proposal has been handed into Verity already, and in short it incorporates media such as reviews, previews, news, feature articles and other gaming-media related articles that people come to expect from the medium.

The meeting was an hour and 24 minutes in length and we both went through ideas on what to call the project. It’s important for the name to be somewhat relevant to gaming, but unfortunately many of the names that we had come up with had already been taken. We eventually decided on ‘Press A’ as it is the one of the main button presses that you make on Nintendo and Xbox controllers which both have an A button.

From here we have begun to sort out copyright issues as for the project it is essential to not infringe on any copyright laws that could have legal implications. From what we’ve found during our research so far is that when it comes to communicating about a certain intellectual property, it’s down to the publisher’s end user license agreement (EULA) to know what you can and cannot publish without explicit written permission. If this is true it will unfortunately mean that we will be writing about certain games on a case-by-case basis. It was recommended by our teacher Verity that we should email the Australian Copyright Council for legal consultation on how to approach this assessment.

We also began to delegate tasks for social media strategies, and how to approach website creation. It was decided that with Dios’ experience in Twitter that he should be the coordinator of that facet of the project. Casey, on the other hand, doesn’t use Twitter but has a Facebook account unlike Dios, and so he will be the manager of that part of the project.

As for the website, not much has progressed thus far, but we are simply looking at what host would be best to for the project. We’re having a tie between Wix, Weebly and WordPress. The latter though will most likely be ruled out as Dios and myself both feel that we need to move on after using WordPress all of last semester.

We began to then decide what our first articles would be. It was very timely that the project began during the commencement of Gamescom in Germany, and so Dios has taken it upon himself to do coverage on the convention and have a written article next week. I haven’t reviewed a game in some time, and I feel quite motivated to review one of my most highly anticipated titles of this year, Transistor.

Finally we discussed how else to get the website up and running in a bare-bones state, and so we thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to begin writing about the author pages, but not much else from the idea has been discussed.


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