Save Point: Media Project meeting 19/08/2014

The meeting time was 47 minutes, and began with a Dios and myself discussing the announcements and reveals of Gamescom. Announcements from the new Silent Hills game to Bloodborne were all reveals worth a small discussion.

As far as the website is concerned, we’ve ultimately decided on Weebly. There was a toss up between that and Wix, but due to the flexibility in being able to change layouts mid-development, plus the inclusion of being able to mess around with HTML meant that we felt that Weebly was the most appropriate fit.

Dios decided that he didn’t want to write about Gamescom, so I assumed the role of writing that article, and it is in the pre-editing stage. Dios on the other hand has decided to write a review on Final Fantasy XIV that he has promised will be done over the week.

The social media strategy is coming along; Dios has made a Twitter account but I have yet to make a Facebook page, but once the website goes live it will be an appropriate time to get the word out and share the page. We need to further inquire into copyright issues and so I’ve sent the Australian Copyright Council an email getting a confirmation that all we need to make sure is that our coverage of a game doesn’t violate the EULA, and so we should hopefully hear back from them as soon as possible.

By the next two weeks I hope to have my Gamescom article completed and the website live, as well as the Transistor article being near-complete. As for Dios, I hope to see the Final Fantasy review finished in line with my Gamescom article, and a draft of his import article that he has briefly discussed with me.

All in all I’m happy with the progression of the project, the fact that we’re slowly getting the website built and have articles in development is a good sign. But I do hope to see the process speed up in the future, as I do slightly worry that there isn’t going to be enough content there come marking time. Also hope that there is some talks around the mid-semester about how to approach the magazine publication.


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