Modern media bad? Nonsense!

What are the current anxieties about the ‘effects’ of the media on people’s lives? Are these justified? How are they being presented in the media and by the media?

These questions have been present in people’s mind ever since the conception of media. To be specific, media such as TV shows, internet videos, magazines and books. Whenever a new thing is created, there are two ways to react to it. First, what are the positive effects of it? And second, what are the negative effects of it? With every new invention, it always brings something new to the table. Whether that something is good or bad is completely dependent on how people perceive it.

The internet and computers. A wonderful piece of technology that allows us to access a vast network of information from the comfort of our own home. It even serves other purposes such as allowing us interacting with friends in chats or letting us share information. How could technology like this be bad? Addiction, anti-social effects, straining the eyes, downloading illegal content. Despite the positives of the internet, it comes with it’s own set of negatives too. Because of this, the negatives were what people focused on. Just look at how the media presented it in TIME Magazine.

Notice how the child has an emotionless look while he's using the computer.

Film and video games are another form of media that have both positive and negative effects. Both are used for entertainment and can also be used to convey a specific message. Which is great for the creator. But with media that requires our attention and has the power of influence, it can be used to convey bad messages. Films and video games with graphic violence and sexual themes are generally looked down upon by quite a lot of people. People worry that media such as these influence people to do wrong or convey false information. Even things we consider entertainment have a downside.

Does it make sense for the public to be wary of new media despite positives? Yes, it does. But does this mean we should completely ignore and deny use of such media purely because of it’s negatives? No, of course not. Nothing by itself is evil. For example, films and video games may often at times have graphic violence or sexual content. It may sound bad that they have them but it’s all up to the user to decipher what information they’re being given. All they’re being give is information. How they respond to it is completely up to them. The media is very quick to blame films and video games for being the cause of crimes such as theft and murder. But they forget there are many factors that go into the cause of such crimes. Here’s an example of how the media portrays something like this.

Well, with new forms of media coming out every year there will always be the debate to find out if something is good or not. The main thing to remember is, to use it correctly.


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