Do you want complete control or not? (Open VS Closed)

When it comes to computer technology, people generally think of two giants in the industry, Apple and Windows. People have been debating which is better for decades. Generally speaking, both sides bring up good arguments.

To a person who is not well-versed in technology, they tend to think “What’s the difference?”. Here’s why people debate about the two. One offers open applications (Windows), the other being closed (Apple). Windows gives complete control to the user, allowing them to tweak the computer’s software. Linux is another operating system that allows this although to a much greater extent by showing the user the source code. The point is, Windows gives control to the user and hides nothing. This is what open is.

Apple however, does not allow this. The company tries it’s absolute hardest to lock the user out of places that they aren’t supposed to be in. This means the software will do what’s intended by the company and nothing else. You may want to tweak some things but aren’t able to. Even tech experts have quite a lot of difficulty trying to tweak things or even trying to get to the source code. It’s not out right impossible, but pretty damn hard to do.

On the other hand, right now Windows seems like the correct option to choose between the two, it’s not without it’s faults. For starters, Windows is more prone to getting virus compared to Apple products. While there are measures to prevent this, it’s ultimately up to you to protect your computer from said virus. Downloading anti-virus software, doing regular scans etc. Another flaw (albeit this one is subjective) with Windows is that it’s much less user-friendly when compared to Apple. It doesn’t work straight out of the box. You have to install the software, set everything up, make sure everything is okay. Meanwhile Apple already has security measures for viruses and the like. When compared to Windows, it’s much user friendly. Also Steve Job’s main idea for Apple devices was for it to work straight out of the box and it does.

So in conclusion both have their positives and negatives. It’s just what preference you have, Windows allows more freedom but requires much more responsibility to maintain. While Apple restricts the user to see what the company wants to see but requires less responsibility.


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