Power to the audience

You know how everything always tastes better when you cook it yourself? (Granted, if you know how to cook). That same rule applies pretty much with anything relating to creating. Video games, technology, clothes etc. Everything is better when you’ve had a hand in creating it. Sure you may not be the best cook in the world but making that Chicken Risotto tasted better because you made it. Now you may be thinking, what am I getting with this?

The focus on interacting with media platforms. Reddit for example. Reddit is a social-aggregation news site. But where does the content come from? The users. What’s another example? YouTube. Arguably one of the biggest sites on the internet, all content comes users. Hardly if any content at all comes from the creators.

So what does this say about the internet? Majority of the most visited sites in the world are websites where content comes from the user. We’ve progressed so far with technology that all the good websites allow the user to mess around with the website, they allow them to create content.


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