Remixes and mash-ups what is their purpose?

Remixes. A term that is most commonly associated with music. Generally speaking a remix is altering a piece of media by either adding or removing something. One thing related to remix culture is mash-up. The difference between with a remix and mash-up is with remix, you add or remove content. But with a mash-up you leave the original media as is and you only add to it. For example you add a song over another song. Here’s an example of a remix. First is the original song and the other is a remix:

As you can tell from listening, both songs are completely different in tempo and feel. Now, what about mash-ups?

So it’s a Super Mario 3D world mash-up with the Fresh Princes of Bel air theme. Despite both songs being completely different they’re still able to work together to produce a song that feels harmonious. Now, what does all of this mean? Some could possibly think, it’s not that creative considering you’re using old work in order to avoid making something completely new. Fair point. But it’s because of remixes and mash-ups that it allows people to create a new experience with something we’ve already heard of or seen. People have already heard the Space Jam theme. People have already heard Uptown Funk. But have they heard of Space Jam mixed with Pearl Jam? Or what about a techno remix of Uptown Funk? The point is, these two things allow people to expand upon existing ideas and form new ones.


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