Transmedia story telling: What can it do?

Transmedia Story Telling. What is it? It’s a technique of telling a single story through various media platforms. Whether it be through books, movies, games. The main purpose of this technique is to enrich the experience and expand on the narrative itself. A great example of this technique being used is the Star Wars franchise. Yes, you have the six main movies but then you have the books which expand upon it’s universe. On top of that there are spin off series such as the Clone Wars. Even then, you also have the video games which tell a different tale but give more information about the Star Wars universe. To some, they think this technique is a wonderful thing. The very story they love is getting so much attention and there’s so many things to discover within it. While some people disagree and think it makes the story too convoluted.

A transmedia text does not simply disperse information: it provides a set of roles and goals which readers can assume as they enact aspects of the story through their everyday life. (Jenkins, H 2007).

Screenshot from the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer


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