You’re a journalist! And you’re a journalist! Everybody is a journalist!

Times sure have changed haven’t they? Remember when phones weren’t portable? Remember when CD players were the latest “in” device? Remember when professional journalists were the only people who could report on news events? Yeah that was a thing. But now with the advancements in technology the average joe can report on currents just like the professionals and do it even faster than them too. Because of this, the term citizen journalism has been invented. As the name says, it means a person who isn’t a professional journalist, reporting on current events.

So, with everyone and anyone becoming a journalist, this means it’s all good right? We’ll get all kinds of news from all over the world and much faster too. Well, believe it or not there are some draw backs. As good as this sounds, there are people who have this as their worst nightmare and those are the corporations who control the news. These people are known as “Gate keepers” They are the ones who edit and filter content as they see fit. So, with that in mind what are some examples of citizen journalism? Reddit is a big one.

Logo of reddit

So, what are the effects of this? Big news corporations no longer have control over the news. They can no longer portray the news as they want it. Because everyone’s going to be writing about it. The average person will see it from one perspective to another.


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