Physical and Digital, is digital really intangible?

When it comes to physical versus digital, people generally associate physical with material things, items that are tangible. Meanwhile digital is associated with intangible things. It doesn’t necessarily have a physical form. This links in with materialism. Which is defined as “the theory or belief that nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications.” Now, with that in mind what is the difference between the web and internet? Kind of a hard question to answer when you think about it isn’t it? The answer is web is software, the digital aspect. Meanwhile the internet is the physical, it’s the hardware, it’s what’s tangible. You can touch the router, you can touch the wires.

But this brings the question, is digital really intangible? Think about how we access the internet. We need physical equipment. Monitors, keyboards, routers. Can we use something digital to make something physical? Well of course we can. Take a look at this:

The creator of this video is using digital technology to give these toys made out of plastic come to life and give them personality.


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