Living in Solitude (MEDA101 assignment)

We live in a world where the current population is 7 billion. There’s tons of people around the world. But, at the same time it’s possible to feel so alone. Why? With so many people around you’re supposed to feel the opposite of feeling alone. There are a multitude of reasons as for why someone could feel alone. The place they’re in could be completely empty, they’re left out of group activities or even they feel like they don’t fit in. They stand out among a crowd. Sound may also add to the feeling of solitude. If used correctly it can intensify the feeling of solitude. As for how I came across this idea, I was scrolling through William Gibson’s twitter feed, I saw a retweet of the tweet about the movie “Ex Machina”. It was a trailer that show cased the movie. As I was watching it, it gave me this feeling of isolation, this feeling of solitude. One thing I noticed was that the movie had only three characters. With such a limited cast of characters, it further enforced this feeling of isolation.


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