From the Telegraph to the Internet

Technology in the year 2016 is very powerful, fast and convenient. We’re able to send instantaneous messages to others people from one side of the world to another.  However, what was it like back then?

It all started in 1837 with the first commercial electric telegraph. The next form of progression is Morse Code which came up in the following year 1838. The next evolution of communication came in 1852 with the first trans-Atlantic cable. The speed of the cable was 2 minutes per character. Quite primitive when compared to today’s technology. Skip to 1895 and you have the radio telegraph.

Back then, long distance communication was very slow and people were fine with that. The concept of sending a message to someone across the sea was fascinating enough to impress the public. Now? that’s no longer the case. We’ve become so reliant on this technology that if our phone isn’t working, then that’s the end of our world. We instantly feel cut off from the world.



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