Looking back on Television

Television has been an important part within most if not all Australian households. It has different uses for different families. Some families may use it simply for entertainment while others use it for news on recent events. Having parents who were born in the 1940’s and who grew up in the Philippines, a 3rd world country, I was curious to get their opinions on television.

First off, I spoke with my father about it asking him about his experiences with it. Due to his financial situation, he didn’t watch TV in his own home often or at all. Generally he would always be out with his friends or be watching it at someone else’s house. Although whenever he watched television, he watched cartoons rather than watching the local news or sports.

Television never really became a part of his life until he moved out of the Philippines to Australia at the age of 30. It was around this time he had a family of his own to raise and television became more relevant to him because of his children. His eldest son and daughter would use to the television for cartoons and other entertainment while he would use it for news on current events. Although there would be rare occasions where he watched game shows for entertainment.

Like my father, television wasn’t a big part in her life as well. She grew up in the Philippines as well under similar conditions to my father. Televisions were quite expensive and she spent most of her time outside the house with friends. It wasn’t until she was married to my father that she started using the television. Although with that said my father and mother didn’t use television for the same reasons. My father mainly used it for news and occasionally game shows for entertainment. My mother used television completely just for entertainment, mainly movies and drama shows.

Considering that both of them were born in the 1940’s and experienced television in two different countries, I asked about the difference between the two. My father and mother pointed out the difference between commercial breaks. Generally there are multiple commercial breaks in Australian TV show. When it comes to television in the Philippines, there is only one commercial break for Filipino TV. The length varies depending on the length of the show as well. Another difference he pointed out is that in terms of humor, Filipino television is more akin to Asian/Eastern television. Game shows in Filipino television are more colorful and the games used in said shows are more “out there” as he put it.

I used to watch quite a bit of television as a child but as soon as I entered high school, I rarely use the television to watch shows or movies. All the media coverage I get is straight from my phone or laptop. It was very interesting to hear their view on television especially since they’ve experienced more with it than I have. With the addition of netflix to the household though, they use the TV more than ever, watching their favorite movies and what they want, whenever they want.


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