Real life matrix

With how easy it is to search the internet, communicate with friends and download music through technology we often forget what happens within the computer or phone. You know, the gears that turn, electricity running through the computer, what makes this “magic” happen. That would be the network.

There are three types of networks that are commonly used. Centralized, Decentralized and Distributed. Centralized has one main hub which sends out information to all nodes. Take the hub out and all information stops. Decentralized has multiple hubs to send out information to nodes, however take any one of the main hubs out and information stops completely. The last type of network is Distributed which has no main hub and information is just sent out to different nodes. The main issue that comes from this network is that information gets messy real quick so it isn’t as organized as the other two.

With all of this in mind though, Centralized seems to be the best option as with one hub, the information is distributed in an organized form.



One thought on “Real life matrix

  1. Interesting meme usage my friend, has a couple different meanings too. I can indeed have The Matrix (1999) on my phone, but my phone provides for me access to innumerable communication networks ranging from message boards, to video streaming, to calling over the telephone system (archaic at this point) or calling through a free service. The ultimate distributed AND decentralized networking device!


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