Philosophy behind iOS VS Android

This topic has been debated for many years. In function, they are quite similar. Both are a type of smartphone operating system, both function the same way. However, it’s their difference that has caused such debate. Which is better? iOS which offers an experience that is curated by Apple? Or Android which can be easily manipulated by anyone to suit their needs?

Apple controls what users can and can’t do with iOS. While this is restricting, this allows Apple to control their userbase in how they use it. No viruses or illegal applications. Android is the polar opposite however. Completely up to the user what they do with their Android device. Android users can take away features that they don’t use or add completely new ones. The downside to this however is, it’s much easier to get viruses or download illegal applications. With all of this in mind, it comes down to preference. What do you need as a smartphone user?



One thought on “Philosophy behind iOS VS Android

  1. I like having the opportunity to do things with my device that aren’t easy/possible with iOS, customization being a key factor. Honestly though, the price-point is what solidified my decision to immerse myself with the Android ecosystem. With an open and free philosophy, other companies can adopt the infrastructure and manufacturer their own version on their own hardware for varying prices which gives the consumer more choices. iPhones are typically behind a hefty paywall, conversely.


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