The Twitter Revolution

There have been so many protests done on twitter the term “Twitter Revolution” came about and it has it’s own Wikipedia page. The social media platform and protests have three distinct characteristics:

“In the “Twitter revolution”, the relationship between the new media and social movement has three distinct characteristics:

1) The Twitter streams represent the interaction mechanism of ecological network               2) The Twitter streams embedding or be embedded into different types of control process; 3) The Twitter streams reflect the change of social movement ecology.” – Alexandra Segerberg & W. Lance Bennett

With that said, what effects do these Twitter Revolutions have? In terms of positive effects, there are quite a few examples from the Egyptian Revolution of 2011

  1. “Given these protests more organization and coordination
  2. Accelerate the cost of the repression of the union government
  3. Through information dissemination increase the other regional and global public attention” – Marc Lynch

Not only has social media connected people in a traditional sense of just making friends but it has also connected the people and make them take action for what they believe in.72523583


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