Cyber attacks

The internet is a wonderful place for learning new things and interacting with many different people. However, as much fun as it can be, it can be the total opposite. Cyber attacks are very much a real threat sadly.

One such example of how bad (And actually screwed up) some cases can get is LulzSec. LulzSec is a hacking group that was formed in one of Anonymous’ private online chat rooms. There was a case where LulzSec hacked multiple companies servers. There, they obtained private information of employees and created chaos by doing so. Supposedly their main reason for doing so was just to show holes in the company’s security system. Regardless of their intention, their actions were uncalled for and outright wrong.

Surprisingly enough, the LulzSec members only knew each other by their online handle and didn’t know their real identities.



One thought on “Cyber attacks

  1. Like you said in last last week’s post, ‘Anonymous aren’t necessarily heroes but people claim they aren’t the villains either’ and it is hard to pin down the exact reason for cyber attacks sometimes. Some are indeed done just ‘for the lulz’, other times, like descried above, it’s also to point out security flaws and they do this in any way they seem fit. Shame they don’t ask for a ‘bug bounty’ , as that would ensure everyone wins. Companies save face and possible litigation from their employees, and the hacker gets some dough. Others just want to watch the world burn!


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