[MEDA202] project prototype reflection

The original idea for my project was “beauty in destruction”. There is still appeal in something that was completely broken and beyond repair instead of something in complete pristine condition. The prototype used to convey this idea was a broken toy robot, all the pieces were hanging by string from the ceiling.

The feedback I received was “Why a robot?”. The question itself stuck in my mind wondering what that meant but I came to realization that the idea itself isn’t bad but the object itself was the wrong one to use. In total there were roughly about 8 pieces hanging by string. On top of that I was told that I should hang something broken into much more pieces. This got me thinking where the amount of small broken pieces could add to the appeal and aesthetic of the artwork.

On top of this I had to think of something that would break into a lot of pieces. With this in mind I had the idea where part of the appeal could be trying to figure out what piece goes where, making it a sort of puzzle in a sense. With all of this in mind, the real challenge now comes from hanging all the pieces of the broken device that I plan on destroying for the artwork.

In terms of what I plan on breaking for the artwork, I was told to break something more real and tangible such as a household object for example. I took this feedback and decided to break a toaster and see what would be required to hang all the pieces. Breaking a part an object is the easiest part of the project. However, the real effort goes into hanging every single piece of the broken.

Overall, while I feel like the prototype wasn’t a huge success, the feedback I received has led me to the right direction.

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