The Uncanny isn’t supposed to be scary… Is it? (MEDA101 Assignment)

Uncanny. What is the uncanny? It’s quite a strange word isn’t it? Google defines uncanny as “strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way.” You might be thinking it’s similar if not the same as scary. Well scary is defined as “frightening; causing fear.” Frightening and fear are quite different from unsettling. The following images are supposed to capture the concept of uncanny. Which is something that is mysterious, i.e something that cannot be explained immediately. This makes the viewer want to examine the image longer. They want to think about what’s happening in the image and why. This also means that the image doesn’t have to be outright scary. So no picture of zombies or freaky ghosts. Why? The viewer will see that and go “Oh! Scary! I’m done with that now”. Uncanny images are meant to hold the viewer’s attention.

IMGP3248IMGP3301 IMG_3305 IMG_3315 IMGP9189


Photography Portfolio proposal: Chrono Stasis

The theme of my photography portfolio is called “Chrono Stasis”. These collection of photos will contain portraits, landscape and architecture photos. For this portfolio “Chrono Stasis” I’m going to record the transitions which occur around a subject. For example, I take a picture of the view outside of my room in the morning. I then take a second picture in the same angle/framing but in a different time of day. The main reason as to why I want to do this is because I’m interested in how things change over time. As for who inspired me to do this, it was Robyn Stacey. I would like to incorporate her method in how she creates relationships between the subject and the environment.